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Video: Will Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitious reforms go according to plans?

 Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the most ambitious millennial to date, and has been on a mission to transform Saudi into this high tech, modern, and investment friendly country.

The crown prince is currently on the third leg of an overseas trip that took him to Egypt, and UK and is now signing mega deals in the US towards that diversification strategy away from oil.

From Aramco’s $2trn IPO to building a $500bn 100% renewable city by the Red Sea- NEOM – the crown prince is leading the drive.

But what are the chances that these reforms will take place as planned? Watch an excerpted video by Startfor.

The full, hour-long presentation “Saudi Arabia: The Road to Vision 2030” was produced by Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence platform headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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