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Saudisation increases by 9 per cent

Jobs given to locals see 7.5 per cent growth among men and 11.6 per cent among women in Q3

Private sector enterprises in the Saudi market registered a growth in the rate of Saudisation, which reached roughly nine per cent until the end of the third quarter of this year.

The number of Saudis in the private sector facilities increased to 1,681,651, compared with last year, when it was 1,549,975 Saudis.

Minister of Labour, Mufrej Al Haqbani, hailed the efforts made by the private sector and business owners in the Saudisation of national labour forces in facilities, Saudi-based Al Jazirah Online reports.

He adds that the number of jobs given to locals by the end of the third quarter of the year saw a 7.5 per cent growth among men, bringing the number to 1,220,765 Saudi youth, and 11.6 per cent among women, bringing the number to 460,886 Saudi women working in the private sector.

Al Haqbani adds: “The ministry launched a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the employment of nationals on one hand and improving the working environment for the private sector and developing it on the other.”

The minister adds that the ministry focuses on mobilising its efforts and energies in employing Saudis and gives this aspect maximum interest in terms of employing citizens and qualified trainers in private sector enterprises.

He points out that the ministry has launched, and continue to launch, a package of initiatives to ensure the stability of the national cadres in the private sector enterprises.