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SEDCO Holding Group wins the 8th Best Workplace in the Kingdom

Internal programs underscore employee loyalty

SEDCO Holding Group has achieved another milestone by occupying the 8th Best place to work by ‘Great Place to Work’ in Saudi Arabia in 2015, having ranked 11th best place in the past year 2014.

SEDCO Holding Group has achieved this ranking based on data derived from a comprehensive staff survey of various companies. ‘Great Place to Work® Institute determines the best work environments through conducting the largest study globally, which covers to the distinctiveness of workplaces and practices.

According to Anees Moumina – CEO of SEDCO Holding Group, this achievement is attributed mainly to the continuing development initiatives in the work environment. He says: “SEDCO is not only establishing internal programs for its employees which help to develop their capacity, innovation and skills, but it also takes care of its employees’ health and encourages volunteer work and enhances employee relations within the group. All of the above helps undoubtedly to improve the productivity and to raise the level of job efficiency, which impacts the Group’s performance positively.”

Amro Kandil, Vice-President of Human Resources adds on: “For SEDCO Holding Group, CSR starts at home. Employee well-being is a central element of the company’s social responsibility, and 2015 saw several initiatives to promote growth and synergy. In a bid to promote healthy and positive habits, SEDCO Holding Group has come up with a set of initiatives for “Our People” through which we provide health, volunteerism and development programs, where we underline team work, harmony and synergy. It is only by developing and maintaining these assets, that we can remain a great and attractive place to work.”

Driven by a sense of responsibility toward its ‘People’, the Group is intrinsically keen on upholding its promise to deliver a healthy work place by forming several initiatives to not only retain and heighten employee loyalty but also to build a vibrant competitive work environment that attracts talent and cadres. This corporate culture is extended from SEDCO’s commitment as a leading conglomerate to conduct its business in compliance with the Shari’ah law and in respect of sound corporate governance practice across diversified sectors by way of local and international investments.

The Group’s pledge to corporate social responsibility is to work “Towards Sustainability”. This umbrella has three fundamental pillars: “Our Environment, Our People, and Our Community”. Examples of development and performance program include the “Injaaz” program, designed (under the ‘People’ pillar) to assess performance and build capacity while the “Employee of the Month” program supports and incentivizes outstanding employees. All programs aim to encourage healthy competition among team members for increased productivity and aim to improve the work environment in all its aspects. As an end result, society as a whole will benefit.

Other initiatives exist, such as the “Tawasul” program, which fosters interaction among the Group’s staff at various events or the “SEDCO Group Stars” program which supports high-performance employees to climb the corporate ladder rapidly. The “Tamayouz” program is another addition which offers discounts and exclusive benefits to the employees and their families at different local and international outlets.

The Group also indorses healthy positive habits with “Mezan AlKhair”, a program shaped to spread awareness about the importance of fitness, maintaining a healthy weight, providing health and sports-related tips by raising awareness around the associated risks of obesity caused by unbalanced lifestyles.