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SEDCO Holding Group’s Riyali Program to train 30,000 students in 2014

SEDCO Holding Group’s Riyali Financial Literacy Program has recently signed partnership agreements with the Noble Center for Comprehensive Development and Al-Andalus Al-Khadra Training Center to provide training workshops for university students, as well as, elementary and secondary school students.

Under the agreement, each center will aim to train 15,000 male and female university students and elementary school students during 2014 with each center approaching various schools and universities to offer free Riyali courses to students.

Amr Banaja, VP of Corporate Communications and Marketing at SEDCO Holding Group, states “The Riyali Program for Financial Literacy seeks to meet the Saudi community’s basic financial needs through targeting students in various educational levels. In order to meet the growing demand for Riyali’s training workshops, effective partnerships, such as the ones with Nobile Center for Comprehensive Development and Al-Andalus Al-Khadra Training Centers, become essential. We trust that Riyali’s partnerships with these Centers will help communicate the desired message for financial literacy awareness for youth and students.”

In keeping with the Group’s vision for a greater, more financially literate Saudi youth population, the accord stipulates that the Noble Center will offer the Group’s Riyali program as a part of its training centers in Makkah, Riyadh, Al Madina, the Eastern and Northern provinces. Al-Andalus Al-Khadra Training Center will also offer training workshops in Taif and the Southern province.

The partnership serves as further evidence of Riyali’s success in expanding its program to reach the various cities of the Kingdom, the quality of its performance and its continued progress and development.

The program, launched in late 2012, aims to improve financial practices among Saudi youth and kids, such as in financial planning, budgeting, investing and borrowing.

The Riyali program had recently partnered with the Institute of Banking to provide two-day training workshops on financial literacy for male and female university students in Riyadh.