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SEDCO Holding marks its presence at Cityscape Jeddah

The exhibit encompasses a series of workshops around the biggest real estate and architectural projects in KSA.

SEDCO Holding Group announced its participation in ‘Cityscape’ Jeddah from April 5 -7 through Neil Tobin’s, COO of SEDCO Development, speaking note around the development of infrastructure and its effect on the real estate sector.

This exhibit is one of the largest real estate events in Saudi Arabia and in the region, attracting more than 10,000 investors and professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Anees Moumina, the CEO of SEDCO Holding Group expressed the imperative role of the real estate market in the Kingdom, stating: “Our participation as a Group in this event proves to which extent we are keen on the development of the real estate sector at SEDCO Holding through our contribution to the exhibit which joins together the biggest players and investors, real estate developers, contractors and consultants kingdom-wide and in the GCC.”

The exhibit encompasses a series of workshops around the biggest real estate and architectural projects in the Kingdom while providing its visitors an unprecedented investment opportunity and a chance to get acquainted with the real sector of the Kingdom, not to mention its major investors and real estate developers on both local and regional levels.

From his end, Neil Tobin, COO of SEDCO Development, stressed on the importance of founding a solid infrastructure to allow the expansion and development of the real estate sector in the Kingdom. He also expressed his opinion around the challenges facing the private sector as opposed to the Government in revamping the lack of real estate units, pointing out that “the Group’s vision regarding the real estate sector is reflected in the projects we establish and supervise at SEDCO Development. Our presence at Cityscape will grant us the opportunity to showcase our vision and line of thought with regards to the best practices in the establishment of projects with a sound infrastructure to develop real estate projects according to the current economic climate.”

The exhibit’s agenda includes an awards ceremony. The winners of the Real Estate awards’ category will be announced on the 6th of April, and SEDCO Development has been shortlisted for two projects. The first is ‘Galleria’, a project inspired from Italian architecture design which re-unites a commercial center and a luxurious hotel in one sumptuous building. The second is ‘Al-Salamah’ project, owned by Al Ahli SEDCO Development Residential Fund, a distinct residential project that demonstrates the newest engineering notions and safety features, with a unique elevated podium above ground-level.

Among the important topics to be tackled at the exhibit is the role of the public and private sector to answer the housing crisis in the Kingdom as well as the paramount role of the Government in dealing with a myriad of conflicts, namely the challenges facing real estate developers and the re-shaping of the real estate mortgage law.