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Is your UAE dream home within reach? We asked SellAnyHome.Com 

The region’s first and largest home buying service has announced that, due to the overwhelming demand, it’s expanding its services to end user and mortgaged buyers 12 month ahead of schedule.

The process is simple, end users (those who intend on living in the property) and mortgaged buyers, register for free on

They then get instant access to weekly flash sales complete with the 100 point check and comprehensive 360 degree pictures. Buyers can opt to book a viewing or make a one click offer on the property of their choice, with the highest offer being presented to the seller.

The weekly flash sales, as the name suggests, displays properties priced to sell for a one week period only.

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Speaking about this new milestone, Omar Chihane CEO and co-founder of said: “Extending our platform to include end users and mortgaged buyers was actually always part of the plan, we simply decided to speed up this phase due to the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received from this segment of buyers. Over 70% of registered buyers fit this category for us and so it was quite an easy decision to make.”

“ aims to become a one stop shop for home buyers supporting them throughout this journey from viewing to closing the deal.” will also cater to this segment by allowing buyers to book viewings of the properties displayed and extending the offer time to 3 days.

Chihane added “We are of course well aware that end users’ needs and buying behaviors are of course different from that of investors and so allowing end users the opportunity to visit the premises and most importantly allowing them enough time to make a purchase decision was certainly important to us.”

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One on One with Shahine

In an exclusive interview with AMEinfo, Chihane said: “We’ve been growing at 100% month on month, and getting great traction from the end user segment (Home buyers looking to purchase property for individual use).”

Asking him what are potential clients most interested in, i.e. to sell their homes, or buy a new home, and what average budgets are we talking about,  Shahine answered: “We’re fortunate to have both sides coming together both people looking  to sell their homes but all very importantly people looking to buy homes.”

“Our average buyer budget is around AED1.8 million –  We have buyers with a 450k budget for a studio while some come with AED9 million for a villa.”

As for the projected revenue growth as a result of this market expansion in client types, “We have identified 9 markets (cities) in the GCC to target.  The estimated size of those cities combined in terms of residential real estate transactions is $100 billion and we aim to capture a 5% market share within  5 years. is the Middle East’s first and largest home buying service, providing free home evaluations and offers in 30 minutes.