Complex Made Simple sees 600% buyer growth

Dubai's real estate market is robust as ever. Potential investors and buyers are entering the market with healthy budgets. has the latest figures.

Dubai's real estate market looks good for buyers and investors 49% of buyers have a budget of AED 1 million and above At 71%, the vast majority of buyers are interested in apartments

Home buyers have been growing at an astronomical rate since announced it would open its platform to end users.

“Our buyer pool has increased 600% since January and is a clear signal of how exciting the Dubai real estate market remains for buyers and investors alike,” said Omar Chihane, CEO and co-founder of,  the Middle East’s first and largest home buying service, providing free home evaluations and offers in 30 minutes.

The insights come from’s registered buyers, 49% of buyers have a budget of AED 1 million ($272.4K) and above, meanwhile Dubai Land, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, Meydan and Sports City (not in order of importance) have emerged as’s most popular destination for their buyers, with 52% of users seeking to purchase in those locations.

“Our data insights, mined from sellers and buyers using, indicate a robust real estate market. Potential buyers are entering the market with healthy budgets. The data also shows that properties large and small, ranging between 1 and 3 bedrooms, for instance, are all attracting strong interest. Our data suggests that the real estate market continues to maintain dynamism even as consumer preferences and price points evolve,” said Mr. Omar Chihane, CEO and co-founder of While the majority of registered buyer seem flexible as to the number of bedrooms, note that 20% are looking specifically at 1 bedroom while 26% are preferring 2 and 3 bedrooms. At 71%, the vast majority of buyers are interested in apartments; with 12% preferring villas. Cash continues to play a prominent role in real estate transactions, with a full 22% of buyers wanting to pay cash in full. 57% want to take recourse to financing, while 13% are happy to choose either option.

“We pride ourselves on facilitating the process for buyers and sellers and ensure a quick and easy transaction. This requires investing in better understanding the needs of our buyers and sellers. Our data analysis is part of an ongoing effort to gain up to the minute insight into our user’s preferences. We will use this data to optimize our offerings so buyers can quickly find the property they want at the price they need while sellers can quickly identify a suitable buyer for their property”, Chihane added. aims to become a one-stop shop for home buyers and sellers. It supports buyers throughout the purchase journey: from finding the right property at the right price and viewing it, to borrowing if necessary and subsequently closing the deal. allows buyers to book viewings for listed properties and also offers useful tools such as a mortgage calculator and the BorrowMeter that helps buyers determine their borrowing power. As for sellers, continues to be a great destination to get a quick home evaluation online, a free 100 point check on the property and of course the access to ready buyers interested in making offers thereby shortening the sales cycle.