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Service Hero customer satisfaction index 2014 attracts record number of customers

Service Hero, Kuwait’s first and only annual customer satisfaction index, begins the countdown towards the conclusion of the 2014 assessment’s sampling phase which ends on midnight of December 31st. Positive participation gives customers the opportunity to evaluate the level and quality of the services they acquire on a regular basis, and express requirements, needs and expectations. Assessment is available via Service Hero website, various social media platforms and a smart phone application.

The assessment index is divided into 17 industry categories. These are: cafes, casual dining, fine dining, fast food, retail clothes, home furniture, regional airlines, retail and Islamic banks, hospitals, electronics stores, internet services providers, mobile operators, car agents, car service centers, supermarkets and health clubs.

Faten Abu-Ghazaleh, Service Hero President, said: “This year we celebrate Service Hero’s fifth anniversary in Kuwait, and we believe, and results do show, that we have started to make a real difference and will continue to achieve the goals this company was established for. On the one hand, we have given regular consumers an empowering platform that allows them to rate the service they receive whether positive or negative. On the other hand, we have available for companies detailed industry category reports that are rigorous, credible and neutral so that they can learn about their market position. While counting down to the conclusion of the sampling phase, where we receive customers’ detailed feedback on the quality of products and services they have bought or used, I would urge consumers in Kuwait to go ahead and fill up the assessment if they haven’t done so, their comments whether negative or positive, are valuable and will help improve services to meet their expectations now and in the near future.”

Data collection so far has surpassed 22,000 consumer assessments which is a record sample size on a national level and which ensures small error margins. Data is 100 per cent based on consumer feedback and the second phase of the assessment process will be the ‘findings and analysis phase’ where quality checks are conducted, followed by validation of the results and then tabulate all the votes. Top ranking companies in each category will be honoured during Service Hero’s annual awards ceremony taking place in February 2015.

Each industry category is measured across up to eight service dimensions, which are reliability, speed, product quality, staff quality, value for money, location, call center and website quality. These dimensions are assessed on a ‘before and after experience’ basis to evaluate the difference between customer expectations of service and actual satisfaction with the service. This method will allow participating companies to learn about any shortcomings and where they fall below expectations. The index also measures loyalty of customers towards their service providers.

The company has facilitated accessibility of the survey by making it available not only through the website,, but also through the company’s social media channels and by downloading it as an application for smart phones, making it as easy as possible for customers to voice their opinions.