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Sharjah Islamic Bank launches Al Nukhba Programme to develop leadership skills and competencies

The Sharjah Islamic Bank’s (SIB) Learning and Development department has launched ‘Al Nukhba’ Programme, a first of its kind leadership competency campaign, which is dedicated to engaging 40 managers and section heads from the bank’s various sections and branches, with the aim of increasing performance and enhancing leadership competency.

The ground breaking programme, which is being run in collaboration with Human Resources Consultant Marwa Karoura from KTalk Coaching and Consulting, was launched in the presence of HE Mohammed Abdullah, CEO of Sharjah Islamic Bank at the bank’s headquarters.

The six-month programme focuses on three core competencies, namely Leadership, Decision Making, and Entrepreneurial & Commercial Thinking, and is being undertaken by SIB’s professional management in line with the latest international standards.

Under Al Nukhba Programme, managers will get to learn and implement and be coached and rewarded under the supervision of highly experienced coaches. Managers and section heads engaged in this programme will be trained in each skill, for a period of four weeks per skill, on the basis of a learning implementation system where in house expertise joins with international talent giving participants the opportunity to share expertise and best practices under an effective evaluation system.

Speaking on this occasion, Sanjish Ibrahim, Assistant to Deputy Head of the Learning and Development at SIB, said, “Our Bank is always keen to boost its staff’s expertise and make the most of the latest developments in the field of banking management to develop performance and enhance the efficiency of its staff. This is why we have launched Al Nukhba programme which will give 40 employees the opportunity to compete to get the best possible results at each phase of the programme. Al Nukhba is a challenge for SIB’s Learning and Development department to develop the efficiency of employees in leading positions and activate the job performance of leaders by implementing the skills necessary to develop leadership and enhance the experience of participants.”

For her part, Mona Al Ali, Training Manager at SIB, said, “Al Nukhba is an innovative learning programme, which is being as part of the Bank’s plan to develop the leadership competency of its leading staff and nurture their skills related to decision making and entrepreneurship.”

She added that Al Nukhba combines leadership practices with coaching and competing, thus stimulating the spirit of challenge and encouraging competition among participants, while also boosting their knowledge with the latest expertise in the field. Mona pointed out that the programme would reap its expected positive results and enhance the efficiency and leadership competency of SIB’s employees, as well as increase their job satisfaction.