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Sharjah Islamic Bank upgrades phone banking

Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) has launched a diverse package of valuable phone banking services available in three languages; Arabic, English, and Urdu, through its dedicated 24/7 Call Centre, as part of its strategy to ensure its customers are receiving high quality service.

The launch came after the bank had recently upgraded its phone banking service systems using the latest technologies compatible with the highest standards in the banking sector.

The move comes in line with the UAE government’s strategy to shift into smart government applications and to keep up with the impressive technological advancement and the revolution in communication technology experienced by the UAE.

The upgrade of its services reflects SIB’s desire to strengthen the presence of modern phone banking services for customers in light of the excellence and efficiency enjoyed by the banking sector, as well as to meet the expectations of customers, so as to offer the best possible service that saves their effort and time, consistent with quality standards.

Through the newly upgraded phone banking service, SIB customers can get easy access to a bouquet of exclusive services, such as smart identification of clients once they call without the need to ask them certain questions that take up time. Clients will not need to approach SIB branches to have their transactions processed, since everything they need, can be done through the upgraded phone banking.

The modernized phone banking service will enable customers to be better acquainted with all of the bank’s privileges, exclusive services, as well as stay up to date with regards to relevant data about its transactions. It furthermore ensures the secrecy of its clients.

Speaking on this occasion, HE Mohammed Abdullah, SIB CEO, said, “We gauged our clients’ opinions, the market’s need, and the latest technology used in banks before implementing our upgrade project. We also conducted comprehensive studies on the nature of modern services available at various call centres, to assess these services and implement the best ones. We expect that this upgrade will help increase customer transactions and the number of clients registered with the new service as well as enhance the banks’ prominence in the banking sector.”

Walid Al Amoudi, Head of Electronic Channels at SIB, said, “Our Call Centre works within the Electronic Channels Management System, which includes the Call Centre, Online Banking, ATM system, and Mobile Banking, on a 24 hour basis, to provide best services to our clients. There is no doubt that the bank is continuing to develop its various systems, with a focus on electronic channels. SIB will not stop searching for all the new that helps us deliver an excellent banking experience and provide the best services to our clients. “

The SIB Call Centre, which is run by nearly 50 staff, has seen a growth of 300% in the number of subscribers to the phone banking service from 2011-2014. The number of subscribers rose by 75%, compared to last year, and in view of the latest updates in the call centre’s phone banking services.

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