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Sharjah School honours Zulekha Hospital

Students from Westford School of Management thank Zulekha Hospital Sharjah on World Humanitarian Day,

Staff and students from Westford School of Management visited Zulekha Hospital Sharjah doctors, nurses and members of staff on World Humanitarian Day (Wednesday 19 August) to express their gratification and give thanks towards healthcare workers.

As part of the World Health Organisation campaign, ‘Thanks Health Hero!’ launched this year to mark World Humanitarian Day, the team from Westford School of Management took the opportunity to recognise the staff at the hospital who have dedicated their lives to working in the healthcare services sector.

Students paid respect towards the hospital by crafting hand-made cards with personalised messages and offering flowers and gifts to staff at the multidisciplinary hospital this week.

Taher Shams, President of Zulekha Healthcare Group, said: “Our team at Zulekha Hospital work incredibly hard, around the clock to ensure the hospital provides the very best service for its patients and our community. Everyone at the hospital is extremely committed to the work they do, putting patient care before all else.

“We are humbled by the appreciation shown to our colleagues by the students of Westford School of Management’s and their kind gestures on World Humanitarian Day have created a sense of accomplishment and honour. Our staff were overwhelmed with the respect they have been paid from our community.”