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Sharjah Science Museum celebrates Astronomy Day

Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) launched its annual astronomy event – a three day programme entitled ‘Space Guiding Your Way’ at the Sharjah Science Museum.

The event was inaugurated by Professor Humaid Al Nuaimi, Director of the University of Sharjah and President of the Arab Union for astronomy and space from 1998 up to now,, who was accompanied by several representatives of Sharjah Museums Department.

The event, which is organized for the 15th consecutive year, aims to enrich public knowledge of astronomy, and present school students, families and general museum visitors with the latest developments in this significant science. The event saw participation from various astronomical entities and authorities from the UAE, and will last for three days. (Thursday October 30 to Saturday, November 1st.)

The event was organised as a collaboration between three other SMD museums: Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Sharjah Maritime Museum, and Al Mahatta Museum. It was also supported by University of Sharjah, Emirates Astronomy Club from UAE University, and The American University of Sharjah.

Visitors were introduced to the latest advances in astronomy, and had a chance to participate in many interactive activities planned specially for the 3-day programme. SMD laid on advanced equipment that enabled people to safely take a closer look at the sun. Various workshops introduced families to astronomy, and gave visitors an opportunity to observe the planets of the solar system.

A number of competitions were also planned and are open to all visitors. The competitions, which combined fun with knowledge, were judged by experts in the field. A special shop was also available on site to offer astronomy-related toys to help develop children’s attention and curiosity in astronomy, and offer valuable information.