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Siemens contracted to ‘modernise’ Egypt’s railways

The Egyptian National Railways (ENR) has awarded global technology firm Siemens a contract to modernise 260 railway networks in the North African country.

The upgrading will happen using advanced technology for signalling, level crossings and communications. This is all part of a national plan to modernise Egypt’s rail system and the upgrades promise to increase safety levels and allow the railway’s maximum speed to be raised from 140km/h to 160km/h, boosting throughput of passenger trains and freight services.

Rail routes between Benha and Port Said to the North East and Zagazig and Abu Kebir in the north of Cairo, which include approximately 20 stations, will have their mechanical interlocking systems replaced with modern, centrally controlled electronic systems from Siemens.

“The Egyptian rail network carries approximately 500 million passengers and 6m tonnes of freight annually, and a capable, robust transport network is essential to accommodate rapid population and industrial growth,” said Joerg Scheifler, senior executive vice-president, Mobility, Siemens Middle East.

“Siemens technology supports the program to modernise Egypt’s railway system by updating existing infrastructure with innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for maximum reliability, safety and efficiency in operation,” Scheifler added.

New point mechanisms, level-crossing technology and communications infrastructure will also be implemented along the routes, according to Siemens.

In addition, the contract will include the equipping of the operations control centre, located in the city of Zagazig.

All routes are expected to be commissioned in 2020.