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Siemon launches copper/fibre combo panel

Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has launched a new mixed media patch panel for the Middle East market. The 1U ‘Copper/Fibre Combo Panel’ allows copper outlets to be mixed with fibre ports in the same rack mount space to efficiently maximise rack space utilisation.

According to Siemon the new ‘Combo’ panel offers exceptional versatility and density, making it ideal for any situation where space is limited.

It is compatible with all Siemon plug and play metal (PPM) fibre modules and metal fibre adapter plates, accepting up to four fibre modules or adapter plates within its 1U height. Each copper adapter plate fits up to six copper outlets with individual port identification and accommodates both shielded and unshielded copper systems, from category 5e to Siemon’s high performance category 7A TERA and category 6A Z-MAX outlets.

Constructed of lightweight high strength steel with anodised black finish, the Combo Panel is robust and, like all Siemon products, is designed to be installer-friendly. It is ANSI/EIA 310-D compliant with an integrated grounding strip to ensure proper ground path from copper outlets to grounding point. The design includes integrated cable management features to secure cables in order to provide proper strain relief and the panel is supplied complete with tie-wraps, grounding kit, and mounting screws.

Enthusiastically introducing the panel to an international audience, Brian McCaffrey, product manager of Siemon declared, “The Combo Panel efficiently utilises rack mount space to maximise density. By accommodating a range of fibre and copper combinations, it provides considerable flexibility and choice for those designing cabling infrastructure. Designed with installation and easy operation as a priority, the panel has many features that improve accessibility and safeguard fibre and copper performance. This unique panel is sure to be of great value in the data centre and in any other environment where space is at a premium.”

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