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Silatech, Welfare Association train young Palestinian Leaders

Sixteen young Palestinians recently completed an eight-day leadership training program organized by regional social initiative Silatech and the Welfare Association of Palestine.

“Qasd” is a values-based leadership program developed by Silatech which aims to develop a new generation of socially conscious and responsible young Arab leaders who will lead positive change in their communities and the region.

According to Silatech Senior Advisor on Civic Engagement Dina Sherif, “Qasd is different from other leadership programs in that it is designed to impart a strong sense of social responsibility in decision making. It also develops meta skills that are in high demand for the 21st century job market, so Qasd participants are more likely to find good employment.”

Participants in the eight-day Qasd training included representatives from Palestinian Vision, the Burj Al-Laqlaq Society, and the Hani Qaddoumi Scholarship Fund. The training was divided into two four-day sessions, with the first conducted in late November and the second completed on December 13. The two trainings were conducted by Silatech Senior Program Manager Bahieh Yaish and Birzeit University Professor Dr. Mirvat Bulbul.

Dr. Bulbul expressed her optimism at the potential of Qasd, stating that “The Qasd program has been a great learning opportunity, as well as an eye opener as to what is needed and to what can be done. My faith in change has been restored, and I believe that Qasd has the potential to become the tremor that starts an avalanche of positive change.”

Ghassan Shakhshir, of the Welfare Association stressed the suitability of the program for Palestine and the region, saying “Qasd is an unique, innovative leadership program that perfectly suits the needs and aspirations of Palestinian youth.”

Qasd is a Silatech program implemented through local partners in target countries. Currently in its pilot phase in Palestine (with the Welfare Association) Egypt, and Sudan. Qasd will be modified and adjusted based on feedback from participants before it is launched in additional countries.

Silatech is a regional social initiative that works to create jobs and expand economic opportunities for young Arabs, and to promote the engagement of young people in economic and social development. The Welfare Association (WA) is an independent non-profit organization established in 1983 by a group of Palestinian business and intellectual figures to provide development and humanitarian assistance.