Complex Made Simple

Opinion: Product simplicity is all it takes to protect your home

By: Mohamed Sultan, General Manager for the Arabian Peninsula, Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Environmental Sustainability can sound complex & daunting for many organizations, but in reality, it is the simple steps we need to take to protect the home we all share, planet earth: useless; reuse across the value chain; track impact transparently, and repeat.

As responsible business leaders, we have to create strategies that are both meaningful and appealing.

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We have to consider how we spark change.

We must offer consumers opportunities to make sustainable choices that are both cost effective for them and a part of their everyday life. We do this by integrating sustainability into our daily work.

The first and most important step to safeguard the environment is the implicit understanding that reducing our dependence on scarce natural resources will bring benefit to both our consumer as well as our business.

There are three key areas where organizations like ours can make interventions.

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Organizations must be willing to innovate and experiment to succeed in creating and meeting future expectations of both consumers as well as the planet with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

For example, in the Gulf, we are saving 31% of the water used for manufacturing, and with our products, we are also helping consumers save over 20 gallons of water per wash by using our compacted powder formulas of our product.

The consumer benefits from less energy and water consumption per wash, in addition to knowing the benefits of our product and how, by choosing to use it, they are reducing their environmental footprint.

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We must play our part in educating our suppliers on our commitment to environmental sustainability and educating our consumers on the impact of their choices.

P&G globally announced our Ambition 2030 goals among which is that 100% of our leading brands will enable and inspire responsible consumption.

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Organizational values

Instill and reward environmental sustainability choices as a critical element of employees work plans across disciplines from R&D, manufacturing, supply chain to marketing and sales.

An example that we are proud of is that in the Gulf we have reduced the volume of waste generated through our manufacturing to almost 0 and recycle over 80% of our supply chain waste from our factories.

We have committed to globally using 100% recyclable packaging material by 2030.

While working towards that goal in the Gulf, we continue to rethink how raw materials are being used in the production phase.

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As a result, we have been able to reduce the number of materials we use, the energy it takes to produce them and the waste at the end of consumer use.

At P&G we have been incorporating sustainability into our way of doing business for decades.