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SmartGrids France at the forefront of European Utility Week in Vienna

SmartGrids France was in the France section (Hall A).

The SmartGrids France association was created in April 2015 to develop the sector in France and to promote it in Europe and internationally.

The association participated to the European Utility Week in November in Vienna to raise the profile of businesses in this sector and their expertise, focusing on live trials by demonstrators. SmartGrids France was in the France section (Hall A).

The SmartGrids France professional association was created through one of ten initiatives set out in the “Smart Grids” roadmap presented by the French President in mid-2014. As the “Team France” of Smart Grids, this association offers support to players in the sector, with the aim by 2020 for the sector to represent 25,000 direct jobs in France, to generate €6 billion in turnover, half of which from export, and to become one of the industry leaders in a global market estimated at €30 billion per year.

To promote its expertise in Vienna, the association offered:

– a presentation of its smart grid demonstrators and their initial results;
– a tour of French expertise for foreign delegations that wish to come discover these demonstrators;
– a methodology to promote the socio-economic aspect of smart grids, a world first;
– an overview of the current flexibility of French power grids thanks to the existing smart grid features.

The association is a member of the Global Smart Grid Federation, helping it to exchange with its peers on a global level. Delegations from Japan and Taiwan have already discovered the main French demonstrators.
France is the leading country in terms of smart grid investment in Europe. Over 100 smart grid projects are currently taking place across France as well as numerous export projects.

French expertise in this field is recognized internationally. French network operators, especially RTE and ERDF, currently export their skills by supporting foreign operators in deploying smart grid technology in their networks. The investments and the dynamics of the offer make the French power network one of the world’s most available and reliable.