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So easy to pay that you can do it in your sleep, says HSBC

Following Apple Pay’s foray into the UAE market in late October, several banking companies have announced their compatibility with the service. Even retailers such as Landmark Group announced their support, which isn’t surprising considering 84 percent of American retailers expect to use mobile POS within three years, according to a 2017 survey by Boston Retail Partners.

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In light of this, HSBC is the latest to launch its “SleepShopper” campaign promoting Apple Pay focusing on ease and convenience.

HSBC was already up against multiple competitor offers during the launch of its Apple Pay. So, the bank needed to break the clutter and be heard. Enter the “SleepShopper” campaign.

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Aimed at the tech-savvy generation, the film depicts the subconscious journey of a sleepwalker who is on his supermarket shopping spree, late at night. After selecting his everyday items such as cereal, milk and eggs, he pays for them intuitively using Apple Pay leaving the supermarket employee and his co-worker in sheer amazement and disbelief. Of course, the ease of use of Apple Pay is dramatized but it goes beyond just functionality benefits to drive the message in a quirky way.

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Campaign Credits:


Garen Yebremian, HSBC Regional Marketing Manager – Cards Portfolio

Ashish Mishra, HSBC Regional Head of Consumer Assets MarketinWalter Thompson Dubai

Nermine Barrada: Business Director

Namal Siddiqui: Account Manager

Nabil El Kourdy: Senior Account Executive

Gautam Wadher: Creative Director

Carine Howayek: Art Director

Jaafar Atwi: Head of Studio & BTL production

Julia Schmutzler: TV Producer

Production Company

Production House: What If Creative Studio

Director: Markus Virpiö

Executive Producer: Nasrallah Saad

Production Manager: Anora Tukhsanova

Media Buying & Planning

Media Agency: Mindshare