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Society of Engineers – UAE and AURAK sign MoU

The aim of the agreement is for the SOE and AURAK to exchange engineering expertise, organize engineering events

Eng. Essa Al Maidoor, Deputy Director General of Dubai Municipality and President of the Society of Engineers – UAE and Prof. Hassan Al Alkim, President of the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) signed Memorandum of Understanding in Dubai Municipality. Mr. Maged Farouck Hanna, General Manager of Society of Engineers – UAE, Prof. Mousa Mohsen, Dean of the School of Engineering and Director of RAK Research and Innovation Center and Ms. Najah Al Wanni, Marketing Manager of RAK Research and Innovation Center are all present during the MOU signing.

The aim of the agreement is for the SOE and AURAK to exchange engineering expertise, organize engineering events, conferences and seminars and develop the engineering profession both locally and internationally.

The MOU will strengthen the working relationship of both associations for the mutual benefit of their members and the interest of their students and engineering profession.

According to Engineer Essa Al Maidoor, “One of the most important initiatives of Society of Engineers – UAE is creating several strategic partnerships with several technical and engineering institutions, government sectors and universities to become the networking hub locally and internationally for the transfer of expertise in all sectors and emphasizing the role of the SOE in supporting the smart, sustainability and engineering initiatives of the UAE. The MOU will stress out the importance of transferring the expertise and experiences in our country.”

“SOE is organizing several training courses, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and awards in the field of engineering, in an effort to raise awareness among all its partners in the government and private sectors and its citizens on the importance of engineering and education in their everyday life. Society of Engineers – UAE believes that the importance of investing in the training and rehabilitation of engineers is one of the most important areas of engineering development and towards building our future generations,” he added.

Mr. Maged Hanna, General Manager of Society of Engineers – UAE said that “The signing of the MOU comes in the direction of strengthening the relation between the society and universities to create opportunities for students and academia to network with the local and global expertise in the delivery of best practices in engineering to work on the development of national cadres. Through our constant quest to achieve excellence and leadership, the Society of Engineers – UAE plays a distinct role in keeping up with the massive development globally by rehabilitating the engineering expertise and profession through international level which will highlight the best engineering practices in an effort to achieve excellence worldwide.”

Prof. Hassan Al Alkim stated “This strategic partnership will enhance AURAK’s efforts towards technical innovation in academic. AURAK is committed to the highest standards of teaching, research, ethics, and service to the community, and its graduates are prepared to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, creative, and responsible individuals. The new bond between SOE and AURAK will definitely contribute to technological advancements in the industry through knowledge-sharing and combined research. SOE’s rich resources and AURAK’s expertise in executing technology together will explore further possibilities of cost-effective and quality living as well as rehabilitating future engineers in the country.”

On the other hand Prof. Mousa Mohsen said that “The cooperation with the SOE is an important step that will contribute to the creation of many opportunities for joint cooperation in the field of engineering considering that SOE is the regulator for engineering sector and its expertise and capabilities in specialized technical in all fields of engineering, and that this agreement will not only contribute to the engineering knowledge between the two parties exchange but also in creating ways to communicate between engineers from both associations in order to improve the profession of engineering and activate its role in the United Arab Emirates.”

At the end, Society of Engineers – UAE and AURAK gave each other token of appreciation for its outstanding partnership in providing excellent services to the engineering sector in the UAE.