Complex Made Simple

SolSteo’s industrial EO sterilizers come with 10-year guarantee at Arab Health 2016

SolSteo serves customers across the world, with strong business in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE

SolSteo guarantees its sterilization chambers for 10 years. This guarantee is given in full confidence because their design has been independently validated by the TÜV.

SolSteo will be exhibiting at Arab Health Dubai from 25-28 January 2016.

Manufacturing EO industrial sterilizers is complex: it requires in-depth-understanding of the sterilization process and safety standards governing their use (European ATEX Directives, FDA 21, CFR Part 11, ISO 11135, etc.). This explains why only a handful of manufacturers prove reliable. Determined to succeed on the international scene, SOLSTEO is the only French manufacturing exporting the product (95% of its sales revenue).

Over the years, repeated constraints due to vacuum and pressure cycles in the sterilization chambers cause significant material fatigue and risk of leakage. In order to guarantee optimal manufacturing quality, Solsteo conducted specific studies on fatigue with the TÜV. Purchasing an EO sterilizer is a long-term industrial investment that needs to last.

The automation system is also reliable thanks to the programs developed by CristalDoc, the European leader in control and monitoring software for EO sterilizers.

Not only are SolSteo and CristalDoc activities complementary, but they are also managed by the same persons and have the same shareholders.

The result is a robust, well organized and reactive organization capable to centralize knowledge on the EO sterilization processes and to manage a team of experts, ensuring competitiveness and quick execution time, ongoing quality control.

Two major breakthroughs in automation have come of this:
EQ-Sim: A simulation tool to test programs prior to installation, by reproducing the physical parameters of the sterilizer in real operation. Consequently, programs are 95% validated “off-site”, from SolSteo’s Paris based offices. “On-site” installation and validation then take a few days only.

Embedded memory: A buffer memory, located directly into the Programmable Logic Controller to offset the communication failures intrinsic to IT systems. This software feature makes it possible to fully guarantee the recording and the printing of all cycle data in the final report.

SolSteo can provide EO sterilizers on a stand-alone basis, or as complete turnkey projects, including pre-conditioning and aeration rooms, automatic loading/unloading solutions and gas treatment systems (scrubbers and catalytic burners). It also offers remote technical assistance services, spare parts, maintenance/calibration services, consulting and ATEX training (INERIS-certified ISM-ATEX).

SolSteo serves customers across the world, with strong business in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The company specializes in integrating EO sterilizers into manufacturing processes (“in-house” sterilization). It has several projects underway for new plants or for revamping of existing sterilizers in the region.

Present every year at Arab Health, it takes the opportunity to know-how and expertise in EO sterilization processes, unveil its latest innovations and share industrial best practices with local players.

From 25 to 28 January, SolSteo will be exhibiting at the France Pavilion at Arab Health Dubai Dubai (Za’abeel Hall 2 – Booth Z2G70)