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Sorbonne Abu Dhabi signs MoU with Harokopio University, Greece

Paris – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) and Harokopio University, Greece, have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote practical and academic cooperation between their two institutions, especially in the areas of research, the sharing of experience and expertise, and exchange of faculty.

The agreement was signed by PSUAD Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Eric Fouache and Harokopio University Rector Prof. Dimosthenis S. Anagnostopoulos, in a ceremony organized for the occasion at the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi campus at Reem island.

The agreement stipulates the creation of bilateral programs and the development of joint seminars, colloquia, research teams and publications. The purpose of the agreement is to share information and documents to assist researchers, supervise academic theses and exchange faculty.

Prof. Fouache emphasized PSUAD’s determination to strengthen educational cooperation with various prestigious universities and academic institutions worldwide. This would allow the university to better implement its strategies as one of top global universities applying the latest educational approaches in teaching, research and community service.

Prof. Fouache noted: that “The agreement opens wider opportunities for mutual cooperation between the two parties, namely in terms of holding study seminars and conducting research projects, not to mention exchanging visiting faculty members and students.”

Harokopio University Rector Prof. Dimosthenis S. Anagnostopoulos underlined the significance of the agreement, which is the first of its kind for the University in the region. He highlighted the many areas falling within the framework of joint cooperation which will be implemented in the upcoming period, most importantly research projects and conferences conducted jointly by the two institutions, on topics of interest across all development sectors in the region.

Prof. Anagnostopoulos praised the level of excellence and the favorable educational environment instituted by PSUAD through its state-of-the-art, world-class facilities and programs which he surveyed on a guided visit across campus. This, he said, reflected the attention given by the judicious leadership of the UAE to education, and its fostering of educational programs as the cornerstone for building qualified human resources, capable of contributing to the development of their country, by providing them with the best knowledge and skills.