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SOS Children’s Villages in Syria announces the launch of “Keep Me Warm” campaign

As Syrians left their homes to safer places and facing a harsh winter with less warming supplements, The SOS Children’s Villages in Syria announces the launch of its latest campaign “Keep me warm” to distribute winter kits to over 20 thousand families in Damascus, Aleppo, the coastal region and Daraa.

The campaign began by distributing 500 winter kits to displaced families in Damascus and its countryside, each kit contains three blankets and a coat for each family member.

“More than 4 million displaced Syrians in Syria are facing the coldest winter the country ever experienced from over 50 years, which will cause more health issues for the lack of warming supplements. It will be the worst humanitarian disaster if we don’t work fast and put urgent plans.” Said Ms. Rasha Muhrez, Representative of the Regional Director at SOS Children’s Villages in Syria.

She added: “We linked with our strategic partners to help more Syrians in different regions, based on our database, we’ve put an efficient plan and divided our missions to accomplish delivering 8000 winter kits in Damascus, 6000 in Aleppo, 4000 in the Coastal Region and 2000 winter kits in Daraa.”

The SOS Children’s Villages in Syria stresses on highlighting humanitarian stories and issues to bond the local society, in order to give a helping hand by volunteering or financial support. And to spread the core message of providing the simplest life requirements to the unfortunate people. all contributions are received to the following bank account Al Arabi Bank in Damascus (202129975/760/6011/001).

It is worth to mention that the SOS Children’s Villages launched its ERP in Ramadan by starting the first campaign “All Together”, to achieve outstanding results of distributing more than 60,000 fasting meals in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo and its countryside, Swieda and daraa. The campaign was followed by the “Eideyeh” initiative which distributed new cloth and candy for more than 8000 child in Damascus and Aleppo. In addition of distributing 4000 milk cans to infants in Aleppo.

In addition, the SOS Children’s Villages in Syria distributed 16000 school bags for children during the “My Right to Education” campaign, in collaboration with the Syria Trust, to help children to go back to school. Also in collaboration with Massar project, the first child friendly space center was launched in Dwiela’ to support traumatized children and teach them new techniques to build their future positively.