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Souk Jara opens its doors in Amman to visitors on 15th of May

A space is dedicated to culture and arts in the form of concerts and art exhibitions.

While Amman awaits the summer season’s various cultural and arts activities, The Jabal Amman Residents Association (JARA) has announced that the 11th edition of Souk JARA will kick off on Friday May 15th, under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Rym Ali, and will continue throughout the summer months.

Souk JARA 2015 will showcase the creative ideas and initiatives by men, women and young people, as well as local charities, while providing owners of small businesses and women who work from home with the opportunity to display their products at an ever-growing outdoor souk that attracts thousands of customers and tourists every week, on Fridays.

This year, Souk JARA will promote domestic tourism to enhance tourism in Jordan, as per Royal directives. In association with the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities and the Ministry of Labour, the Souk will host vendors from different governorates to encourage cultural exchange as well as giving the opportunity to vendors to sell their products. JARA is preparing for this season in association with the Greater Amman Municipality, and Zain Jordan, the strategic partner.

The Press Conference was hosted by His Excellency Mr Zeid Qsous, the initiator of Souk JARA, the founder and head of the association, as well as its Executive Committee, and Mr Khaled Qassad from the Greater Amman Municipality.

Souk JARA attracts more than 10,000 visitors each Friday, where vendors sell their wares that vary from embroidered products, to mosaic and ceramics, to woodworks and accessories, soap, candles and others, in addition to a food court.

Furthermore, a space is dedicated to culture and arts in the form of concerts and art exhibitions making Souk JARA an important stop for cultural entertainment in Amman.

According to Mr. Khader Qawwas, Vice President of JARA, “This year, and in association with the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, we have worked on establishing a space specifically for unique vendors from the governorates, especially that of self-employed women.

Mr Khaled Qassad, Manager of Zahran area from the Greater Amman Municipality said: the partnership between the Municipality and JARA is a strategic one, built on an 11 year relationship, whereby the Municipality is always seeking ways of encouraging and promoting the cultural, arts and tourism movement in Amman by adopting projects and initiatives that aim to benefit the local communities. In this case, the municipality assists JARA in the preparation of infrastructure, maintenance of the street, lighting and cleaning services as well as through the municipality’s well established press offices.

For his part, Zain Jordan Chief Executive Officer, Ahmad Hanandeh said:’” Zain Jordan is proud of the fruitful partnership with Souk Jara for several years, as Zain continues to provide support to Souk Jara due to its significance, as it is considered an annual event, which contributes in placing Jordan on the touristic and cultural map in the region, in addition to the fact that it combines modernity and traditions of the Kingdom.”

“Zain aims by supporting Souk Jara to encourage individuals in order to promote and develop their talents, in addition to boosting the professions and crafts sector required by the labor market that aims at improving the living standards, thus contributing in the achievement of sustainable development”, added Hanandeh.

“Providing Wi-Fi Internet services comes in line with its strategy to be the first company in enriching the experience of its customers via providing various telecommunications services, in order to allow all visitors to stay connect to Internet, noting that Zain is the first company in Jordan that provides free Wi-Fi service in numerous public areas, in the governorates and the capital, Amman.”

Souk JARA is oragnised with the support of a number of entities that believe in Jara’s mission to promote Amman and its cultural heritage. Jara is sponsored by Tamweelkom, Play FM and Nashamah FM, as well as its strategic partner; Zain.

Souk JARA is a prominent activity by The Jabal Amman Residents Association (JARA), established by H.E. Zaid Qusous and a number of local residents in 2004, with the mission to maintain the identity and heritage of the old neighbourhood of Jabal Amman. The objectives of JARA include creating a strong sense of awareness and belonging through the association for the residents of Jabal Amman. The Association also aims to support locals through promoting cultural tourism to the area, and cooperates with different entities to offer and increase economic opportunities for the residents of Jabal Amman, especially the underprivileged segment.

Souk JARA is located at Fawzi Malouf Street (off Rainbow Street) in Jabal Amman and is open to the public every Friday from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.