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Souqalmal: Hit the ‘Reset’ button on your finances in 2019

By: Souqalmal

The New Year brings with itself hope and an opportunity to start with a clean slate. It’s also a great time to reassess your financial situation, learn from past mistakes and make sound financial decisions to really make the next twelve months count.

Coming to grips with your finances at the beginning of a New Year is a smart move. Not only will it enable you to set aside extra cash in the coming months, but it will also give you room for financial relief in the near future.

Here is’s shortlist of a five tips to enhance your financial approach and to make smarter moves in 2019.

1) Have a solid financial plan

Approach your finances like a business would approach its yearly budget and targets. It may come off as unusual advice, but it does truly work. You don’t need a staggeringly point-by-point plan, but you ought to have a broader vision for your money related goals this year. If you can get your financial oversight for the year right, you will have more cash accessible for all other ventures and for your own long-term savings.

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2) Maintain a strong budget alongside your financial plan

Spending plans and budgets generally sound exhausting, and we know that. In any case, if you get your budget planning right, you will have lesser to worry about in the future. The greatest pressure you are probably going to confront is having your current way of life restricted by the cash you have.

When we investigate our spending habits, there are things that we pay for that could easily be dropped to set aside extra cash. These could include unused gym memberships, streaming service subscriptions that you don’t regularly use, or long-standing subscriptions to magazines you hardly read these days. These minor spending stints can accumulate and amount to a much larger drain on your bank account in the long run. Seek to eliminate sources of spending that are of less overall value to you, and preserve focus on that which truly matters.

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3) Seek more value with your insurance

Analyze your insurance schemes every year and ensure you are not overpaying and are getting good value for your money. It might appear to be futile, but with regards to your insurance and protection charges, it truly proves useful to check the subtleties every year. Make comparisons with other providers’ insurance plans to do this. You could end up cutting back a lot of extra financial baggage with a more value-based insurance scheme.

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4) Refrain from borrowing

Try not to gather loans except if it is for something truly critical. Loans have turned out to be a lifestyle-support tool for our society as a whole, and we’ve neglected our ability to wait for that which we don’t immediately need. Loans that are truly necessary would be, for instance, to purchase a home or to pay for higher education. Stick to loans only when absolutely critical, and refrain from spending excessively for immediate gratification.

5) Curtail risks involved with investment

There is always a measure of hazard when making investments of any kind. The risks you take with any venture are usually personal, and so people refrain from talking about it. However, one thing is certain – you should never make financial investments that take you outside your zone of mental peace and leave you more stressed out and anxious. As you enter the New Year, make sure you reassess your investment portfolio and align it with your risk appetite.