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Sous le fromager unveils its wood creations at Index Dubai

Sous le fromager exhibits at the Index Dubai tradeshow for the first time

This young French company established in Guyana (in the northern part of South America) creates and manufactures items of decoration and small furniture, exclusively to order and according to a time-honoured know-how.

Made of wood or other materials stemming from resources in the surrounding tropical forest, the company’s products are unique and intended for customers who aspire to own luxury Made in France items made from rare, precious varieties.

SIGN 1st Edition, the highly upscale collection which Sous le fromager plans on introducing at INDEX DUBAI, consists of furniture designed by renowned sculptor/designer Daniel Dufois.

His approach enhances the natural aspect of the raw material, revealing the wood’s original beauty by playing on tension and volume to bring forth a refined composition. This exceptional range will include one-of-a-kind pieces and numbered, signed models in limited series (12 copies), as well as products published in up to 200 copies.

This will be the first time that Sous le fromager exhibits at the Index Dubai tradeshow. The company is seeking distributors and sales partners in Dubai and throughout the Middle East; for those looking to complete a bespoke, made in France project, it will be pleased to welcome into its booth any architects and interior decorators who are fond of raw, processed materials, as well as private customers.

Inspired by primitive Marron art, the MARRON collection includes Guyana’s renowned foldable seats and armchairs, sculpted in one piece from a single block using a secret local manufacturing process. Traditional cutting and motifs were redesigned to produce refined consoles and decorative objects (sculpted pieces, boxes and chests etc.).

Sous le fromager plans ahead when selecting its wood varieties prior to cutting them down in the forest, with a view to preserving the trees’ lifecycle and replenishment in that part of Amazonia. The CO2 which is definitively stored in the trunk once it is cut down will preserve the forest by reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

The potential is very high: accordingly, a basic bookcase can turn into precious furniture with shelves made of leopardwood or letterwood. The woodworking, carpentry and sculpting techniques used enhance the material in such a way as to make it into a unique aesthetic item. The company is thus unveiling varieties that are extremely rare for they are untapped, such as Bocoa wood, snakewood or bloodwood: these possess advanced technical and mechanical properties as well as being very durable, and most may be used without any treatment.

The company relies on local ancestral techniques: Amerindian wickerwork and Saramaca sculpture, or the use of exotic raw materials like seeds and vines. But it is constantly expanding its skills by using new processes like gold leaf finish. It also works on developing local natural patina by using beeswax or palm tree resin, and always favours a natural, chemical-free wood seasoning process.

Guyana’s emblematic tree, the Bombax (“Fromager” in French), is at the heart of the various cultures seen in Guyana. The Amerindians and Bushinenge impart special powers to it which are crucial in their rites.

From May 18 to 21 may 2015, Sous Le Fromager will be an exhibitor in Hall 4 – booth 4B26 in the French Pavilion of Business France.