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Spinneys set to launch series of discount stores across the country

In October of this year, Spinneys, the leading retail company in the Middle East and North Africa, is set to open the first ‘Happy’ discount store branches. These stores are distinctive in that they offer continual deals and discounts across all its products. Spinneys is following on from similar stores in Europe and America by introducing this principle of constant discounts and prices, allowing consumers to get the very best deals and greatest discounts across all purchases. ‘Happy’s doors will open in Lebanon in Choueifat and Zouk, to then be expanded across Lebanon and the Arab world.

‘Happy’ supermarkets, as well as offering discount prices, will be characterized by offers which achieve the highest rates of saving for consumers, whether individuals or organizations. Shoppers can get a members card from ‘Happy’ stores, allowing them to benefit from additional offers.

Michael Wright, CEO of Spinneys group, said, ‘Spinneys has always strived to be a pioneer in launching exciting concepts which keep pace with the needs of consumers in the markets in which they operate. Likewise, we really appreciate the trust given to us by millions of consumers. As such, we wanted to continue to excel and offer the most modern approaches to shopping, particularly those which have had great success in America and Europe. We undertook necessary studies over a period of a few years and took steps to allow the consumer to achieve the highest rates of saving, and get the best deals.’ Wright later added: ‘The economic challenges facing us have made us move forward quickly, in order to meet the needs of customers who are loyal to Spinneys. We are opening a ‘Happy’ store to continue to offer goods at the best prices in spite of Lebanon’s economic conditions. Moreover, the ‘Happy’ store will benefit from the huge buying strength and existing offers of Spinneys’

The ‘Happy’ supermarkets are a chain of the most economical stores, allowing traders to participate in programs that enable them to obtain secondary discounts for their organizations. Spinneys has taken up the challenge to set up this kind of store because of their size in the Lebanese market, allowing them to offer the best prices to consumers, while they can identify particular products to fit with the local market and economic needs of local customers. ‘Happy’ is being launched in Lebanon, and is set to expand throughout the Arab world, specifically in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.