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Standard Chartered announces millions saved in Cashback programme

Standard Chartered Bank designs its products to financially support customers, ranging from credit cards to personal loans, with each product tailored to a specific customer segment’s needs. Since its introduction in March 2013, Cashback reward programme has received positive feedback from our customers and the industry. Customers have benefited from the Bank’s Cashback programme and the total value is in the millions of dollars.

Early on, the programme won the ‘Best Credit Card’ award for the bank’s Titanium Credit Card, and the ‘Best Premium Card’ for its Infinite one at the Smart Cards & Payments Awards Middle East in May, an award ceremony organised on the sidelines of regional industry event Card & Payment Middle East 2014. Following these announcements, an extensive communication campaign with the #1 Credit Card taglines, was launched in June, and has been live ever since, leading other banks to launch real time bidding on Google around the notion of #1 credit card, regardless of the Bank’s actual award winning offering.

To further support its positioning in the market, Standard Chartered revealed more details about the actual real value that customers can get when using the programme: according to the bank, which released two charts supporting these claims (see below), a user can save up to AED 15,000 per annum with the Titanium credit card, and up to AED 54,000 per annum with the Infinite Credit Card. The total value saved by customers can be valued in the millions of dollars since March 2013, says the Bank.

The entire approach aims to reflect Standard Chartered’s current positioning as a bank digitally driven and “Here for Generations”, “Here for Good”.