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Stanford University delegation visits Canadian University Dubai

The Stanford University visit has laid the foundations for future collaboration between the renowned US University and institutions in the UAE.

A delegation from US Ivy League institution, Stanford University, has visited Canadian University Dubai (CUD) to witness some of the innovative teaching methodologies taking place in the Emirates. CUD was one of five UAE universities selected by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to showcase their portfolio of original educational practices.

The delegation from Stanford – one of the world’s leading universities – first witnessed CUD’s multi-disciplinary approach to education through a lecture that brought together professors from different academic fields.

Assistant Professor of Architecture, Dr. Maha Al-Bustani, explained, “The lesson in design theory brings in faculty from the fields of psychology, fine art and architecture to provide students with different perspectives on the human interaction of space.

“We combine a variety of delivery methods to enrich the learning process, including a short lecture, an outside class activity – allowing students to ‘learn by doing’, by exploring spaces on campus – followed by a discussion session, and ending with sketching alternative design proposals in the creative environment of the art studio.

“The teaching remains explicitly linked to the learning outcomes of the syllabus and develops students’ critical thinking and professional-related skills, while exposing them to innovative approaches to education that stimulate their imagination beyond traditional methods.”

Following the lecture, the delegation toured an exhibition of projects showcasing student talent from across the University’s undergraduate community. The exhibits featured both class-based and extracurricular projects that drew upon the students’ learning experience to address real-world challenges, including environmental sustainability, modern-day architectural design, and innovation in engineering.

Student Amro Mosaad said, “As engineering students at CUD we are constantly challenged to explore how our theoretical learning might impact on wider society and to go beyond the lab by applying our knowledge to develop innovative technologies that tackle everyday problems. One of our most recent developments is a mobile app called GraceWarn, a new technology that addresses the daily issue of obstructive parking. ”

The Stanford University visit, which was organized in conjunction with the UAE Innovation Week, has laid the foundations for future collaboration between the renowned US University and institutions in the UAE.