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STC sponsors Industrial Innovation Award ceremony

STC sponsored Wednesday July 9, 2014 the Industrial innovation Award ceremony organized by the Saudi Industrial Property Authority “Modon” under the auspices of the Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan AL Rabeyah in the presence of GM of Modon engineer Saleh bin Ibrahim AL Rasheed. STC was represented in the ceremony by Senior VP of Technology and Operations Dr. Khalid bin Hussain Biyari.

Sponsoring this ceremony by STC is out of its concern for continued support, encouragement and development of business sectors of medium and small enterprises and contribution to increased efficiency of their businesses to cope with serving the Saudi society and achieve sustained national development.

It is worth mentioning that STC used to deliver several initiatives to support and reinforce the competitive edge of business customers from medium and small enterprises and to perfect its efforts of localizing the most sophisticated communication solutions to face the challenges and demands of the labor market.