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Stenden University Qatar announces 40 student exchange to Netherlands Campus at 2014 graduation ceremony

Stenden University Qatar announced it will be sending 40 Qatar students to study at the Netherlands main campus for a year in September at an uplifting graduation ceremony that saw degrees conferred on over 40 students of International Business and Management Studies, International Hospitality Management Studies and International Tourism Management by patron HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani.

Vice President of the Executive Board of Stenden Netherlands, Laas-Wybo van der Hoek announced the exchange at the Graduation Ceremony: “In September, we are sending 40 students from Stenden Qatar to study in our Netherlands campus for a year. This is in line with our philosophy to prepare our students for a future in a world that keeps changing and a career in an international industry that embraces different cultures and nationalities.”

He added: “We are also proud to announce that Stenden Netherlands passed the strictest quality audit of the Ministry of Education in the Netherlands, ensuring the quality of our degree programs meet the highest educational standards.”

Executive Dean of Stenden University Qatar, Professor Robert Coelen, addressed the students: “Congratulations to you all on your graduation today – the culmination of eight semesters of study, hard work and teamwork with your colleagues, whilst honing your skills and developing as a person to achieve this major milestone – a Stenden Bachelor degree. We have prepared you for the real world – a world for which you have acquired the skills to make you successful. I have every confidence that you are ready to make a significant contribution to this world and I wish you every success. “

He added: “Stenden has developed close ties with Qatar Tourism Authority, offering our expertise and applied research to help steer Qatar to great success. In association with UNWTO we are planning new events that will put the spotlight on Qatar’s achievements while keeping pace with the latest developments in travel and tourism round the world.”

Graduates, family, friends and the university community came together at the inspiring Graduation Ceremony to congratulate the Class of 2014 students on their success.

As patron of Stenden University Qatar – the leading professional hospitality, tourism and international business management college in the Gulf region – Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al Thani opened the ceremony, and addressed the graduating students directly.

He said: “Your successful graduation today is a remarkable achievement. As you start your new journey we hope that with what you have learnt, you will be able to play an important role in the industry in the future.”

“Success in life cannot happen without knowledge and faith – faith in God and faith and belief in progress and prosperity. From my own, long experience, the formula for success is simple: have the conviction that knowledge can make change happen. Have patience and endurance, seize opportunities and use your knowledge and experience to make things materialise.”