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Strong performance posted by Karcher in Oman

Over 26,000 machines and after sales parts sold in 2015.

Karcher, the world leader in innovative cleaning technology solutions, continues to impress with their innovative and wide-range of products in the Middle East region. The latest success story for the company comes from Oman.

In 2014, the sales figures for Karcher machines and after sales parts in Oman reached a cumulative of 27,800 while in 2015 the projected sales is expected to hit 31,000 units. This is an increase of 12% in comparison to the previous year. However, Karcher’s success story is not only to do with its sales volumes in Oman.

“Our top products, HD and HDS high pressure washers performed very well in Oman over the years, gaining trust from the professionals in Oil and Gas, Fuel stations and Automotive industries,” explained Mr. Richard Nouira, MD of Karcher ME, speaking on Karcher’s market performance in Oman.

Karcher’s product presence in Oman includes the very popular High-Pressure Cleaners and extends to automatic car washes, of which the first five brushes CB Line was installed in January 2012 at Tharmad.

In 2015, the total number of installed Karcher car washes reached 20 in Oman. Speaking on plans for expansion in the Oman market, Mr. Nouira said, “We are in constant contact with our strategic partner Khimji Ramdas whose workforce and after sales service contribute greatly to our success in Oman. Moving forward, we hope to expand our car washes to more sites in Oman, and further market our Ultra High-Pressure Cleaners, to the oil and gas industry.”

The benefits of working with Karcher were highlighted by Mr. Hitesh C. Akarte, Sr. Divisional Manager, Engineering Products & Services Division, Khimji Ramdas, Karcher’s dealer in Oman, when he said, “Karcher’s is a well-known and respected brand that stands for quality and is a testimonial of the German know-how. The key aspects of the environmentally friendly High-Pressure Cleaners gives the Karcher products an edge in the market. Further, the relationship we have built with Karcher is of immense use to position and market the best cleaning solutions appropriately.”

Karcher propels itself on the company’s core values of innovation and quality and expects these values will continue to drive the company’s growth plans and success in the Middle East.