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Study: Climate change costs Egypt billions of dollars

Nile Delta and the northern coast incurred losses and rising water levels will negatively affect 600+ resorts and tourism projects

The Egyptian Ministry of Environment has warned of the repercussions of the climate change crisis and its negative effects on Egypt.

The Nile Delta and the northern coast incurred losses, represented in the displacement of more than two million people who work in agriculture and fishing, in addition to trade and industry, as well as the loss of 214,000 job opportunities, UAE-based Al Arabiya reports.

The ministry says that the agriculture sector is affected by this phenomenon, which can also cause a decrease in agricultural crop productivity, as well as other negative impacts on agriculture due to changes in the rates and times of the heat waves.

The ministry says this phenomenon will lead to a rise in the water levels of the Red and Mediterranean Seas, which will have negative repercussions on the 600+ resorts and international tourism projects.

Meanwhile, these projects and investments will be affected in the light of high water temperature, especially the Red Sea, which will affect coral reefs and marine creatures, making fishing more difficult.

Also, the lack of safe beaches will adversely affect tourism services.