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Sudan-Egypt trade exchange expected to exceed $2 billion

Egypt ranked third after China and the UAE in exports to Sudan.

Sudanese Trade Minister Osman Omar Al-Sharif says he expects the trade exchange between Egypt and Sudan to surpass $2 billion, reports Egypt-based.

According to Al-Sharif, the Occhet-Qustul border crossing between Egypt and Sudan, which was officially opened last Thursday, will contribute to the development of commercial traffic and increase business investment and tourism flows between the two countries. He notes that this crossing is a bridge of communication between the peoples of the Nile valley in Sudan and Egypt.

He also points to its role in aiding comprehensive economic growth, along with the increasing employment and competitiveness through the reformation of trade policies in the Arab countries.

“The reforming of trade policies will lead to trade and economic integration in the region as a whole,” he adds.

The Sudanese minister also stresses the importance of improving transit trade between Africa and Europe through the creation of border crossings to facilitate the trade process.

He calls for the establishment of a free zone in the Occhet-Qustul border crossing that targets animal and agricultural products factories.

It’s worth noting that the trade exchange between Egypt and Sudan amounted to $731 million in 2011, but fell last year to about $500mn.

Sudan’s imports from Egypt include machinery and equipment, chemical products, transportation equipment and textiles, while its exports to Egypt include live animals, meat, peanuts, and leather.

Egypt ranked third after China and the UAE in exports to Sudan.