Complex Made Simple

The sudden arrival of the age of tolerance

How did we arrive here?

During the age of curiosity; mankind struggled with its primal senses of touching, feeling and sniffing out whatever was deemed necessary for survival. This is where survival strategies created the best of the best major innovative roots that are still being deployed. During the age of scarcity; mankind had already acquired the taste for appreciation and almost everything became a rightful and immediate need. During the age of abundance; the last few decades, mankind appears to be losing curious anxiety and rather has become decadent in a very sluggish posture. Today we are in a new era of incompetency.  This is at least true on the economical development fronts all over the world, where lingering boredom is tabulated as innovative performance. The confusion is embedded all around, while the outcries are becoming audible as distance thunder.

Here are five new signs to recognize the now passé of the age of abundance

The Decadence;
when originality dies, obscenity and profane layers are added to already dead ideas

The Incompetence;
when old thoughts become totally useless, but they linger in the name of tradition

The Governance;
when masses reject being blindly governed over being fairly managed

The Resonance;
when the calls of billions fall on deaf ears and silent majorities change regimes

The Tolerance;
when dogmas dominate progress and a new age of tolerance starts to appears

Today, Age of Abundance is a useless notion:  The fact that there is too much replication of inferior ideas now overflowing and drowning us in mediocrity the age of abundance is useless notion. The overly educated are out of synch with entrepreneurial business and global age commercial realities. The national innovation agendas are primarily lips service and made to appear timely creating photo ops while the hard core realties are buried under fake news. It’s not the annual gala award nights, but the absence of substance with a constant repeat of similar circuses that create the illusion of abundance. It is in fact the absence of real truth.

The Age of Tolerance:  Mankind on the other hand, as a call of nature, is hardwired with safety devices to slowly and instinctively evolve out of darkness and continually adjusts in order to come to its own senses and create its own survival. Ancient ruins are the witness of this and living proof.  Otherwise we would still be in caves fighting over square-wheels.

The collapsing socio-economical and political failures of the last century have pruned and matured the human brain and programmed it to appreciate tolerance as its upcoming survival strategy. This fact is clearly visible in open minded countries where millions of folks of all colors, races, gender and beliefs mingle daily and enjoy progressive living. Nations that fear this tolerance and their citizenry to remain brainwashed with fake news will have a hard time discovering the beauty of tolerance. The new global age world is far more tolerant and diverse than where it was a few decades ago. For global age friendly and openly connected and communicative nations, they see and hear this loud and clear.

Nevertheless, this reality is still a serious uphill challenge in the farthest corners of the world. Progress toward acceptance and tolerance is a very long journey and the road ahead will be loaded with various incidents; today billions have become far more informed, enlightened and tolerant. It is time to circumnavigate the earth, but slowly, and witness how the new world of tolerance and global connectivity is arriving. The human race is strong and for every dark era, it comes out shining more brightly after the darkness. We are entering a brand new era of human understanding and mental enlightenment.

Let’s revisit this again a decade from now!