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Supply and demand balance ensures stability of rent prices in Dubai and Sharjah

But prices expected decline in the first months of 2016 by 5 to 10 per cent

The rental market of residential units (apartments and villas) in Dubai maintained the same performance levels during the first six months of 2015.

The majority of the areas in Dubai maintained the same price levels with slight declines in some areas on the borders of the emirate, reports UAE-based Alkhaleej.

It is likely that the rents of the residential units will maintain the same levels until the end of this year due to the weak effect of new supply, which will come to the market and will not do more than balance between the supply and demand.

Rental prices are expected to decline gradually by the first months of the year 2016 by roughly five to ten per cent with the entry of more supply of housing units.

In Sharjah, experts and workers in the real estate market say that rents in Sharjah are witnessing a variation in the extent of the increase in rent from one area to another, depending on the size of the demand.

Experts explain that most areas of Sharjah have not seen any change in rents since the beginning of the year, which is due to the state of calm in the demand for leases as many residents left the country during the summer vacation.