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Supreme Legislation Committee holds educational workshop

Event discusses basic elements of Arabic language to promote learning and usage

The Supreme Legislation Committee (SLC) has organized an educational workshop for its employees aimed at exploring the key features of the Arabic language and the significance of its usage in modern everyday life. The workshop formed part of its participation in the #Bil_Arabi initiative of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation launched to promote Arabic using various digital and social networking platforms in line with the annual celebration of World Arabic Language Day.


The workshop discussed the structure, function, orthography and other essential basic elements of the Arabic language as well as its position in today’s digital and social communities.


Salem Al Ahmad, Head of the Research & Publication Department at the Supreme Legislation Committee, led the event that highlighted key challenges and their corresponding solutions. The most common mistakes involve orthography as well as errors in reading and ‘Hamza’ writing. Al Ahmad emphasized the need for skills development and the importance of promoting correct usage of the language in the work environment across industries, especially in the legal and legislative sectors.


H.E. Ahmad Al Muhairi, Secretary General of the Supreme Legislation Committee, stressed on the significance of maintaining the Arabic traditions and culture as part of the national identity and reliving the legacy of the ancient Arab civilization.

“The UAE leadership have always ensured that our Arabic language is used and implemented in various fields to spread its importance through society. Our participation in the #Bil_Arabi initiative reflects our commitment to and unwavering support for the ongoing efforts to promote the Arabic language as part of our responsibility. This is in response to the directives of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who said: ‘Our national identity is integrally linked to the Arabic language, which serves as an effective medium to express our values, culture and heritage. Promoting the language will enable our future generations to connect with our roots, society and values more effectively’” H.E. Al Muhairi said.


“Our participation at the #Bil_Arabi is not only limited to the workshop. We will also focus on implementing internal communications campaigns, such as sending out e-mails or using our social network accounts, to raise our staff’s awareness on the correct grammar and orthography of the Arabic language. We commit to continue supporting relevant global initiatives and activities in adherence to the directives of our wise leadership, who have launched a series of key programs such as the ‘International Conference for Arabic Language’ and the ‘Mohammed Bin Rashid Arabic Language Award’”, H.E. Al Muhairi concluded.