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Swisscode product line heralds a new era for skincare in UAE

Al Hikma, a major provider of cosmetics and skincare products in the UAE, has brought Swiss skincare expertise to the country, with the launch of Swisscode, an innovative skincare line that heralds a new era in this sector.

According to Al Hikma, this collection of products stands for highly concentrated, world-leading active substances in their purest form.

Following successful release of Vinoderm and Vetia Floris, two of the best organic product lines exclusively available in the UAE through Al Hikma, the company has launched another campaign to introduce another range of internationally recognised skincare solutions in response to a growing demand for such products.

The demand for this exciting range of products is projected to grow at a steady pace of 10% on a monthly basis until the end of the year, according to the company’s figures.

Swisscode is considered an ideas factory and pioneer of high-quality beauty and skincare products, as it incorporates latest research findings into the production of premium skincare solutions.

“Our Swiss products, developed according to the stringent quality guidelines, take into consideration the skin’s individual needs and guarantee tangible results,” Dr. Kazem Mahmoud , Brand Manager, Al Hikma.

The new Swiss collection consists of Hyaluron, a moisturizer; Vitamin F Forte, dedicated for intensive therapy; Repair Complextm, cell renewer; Genistein, skin rejuvenation; MPCTM, skin renewer; Dynalifttm Hya, an instant beautifier; and Kiribirth, an age spot remover.

Mahmoud added: “These products are quickly absorbed and pleasantly cooling, allowing the skin to breathe freely. This gives a pure and soft feel to the skin. Every single drop of SWISSCODE Pure maximizes the nurturing effect and leads to visibly younger and more radiant skin.”

The international company has shifted focus toward the Middle East, as it regards this region as a vital market catering to several countries, on a franchise model.

Mahmoud concluded: “Swisscode Pure perfectly complements the everyday skin care. It acts as a catalyst to achieve a power boost of moisture and regeneration.”