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Tadweer hosts awareness activities in Abu Dhabi

Activities held to mark World Environment Day.

Tadweer (The Center of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi) hosted a series of awareness events and activities to mark World Environment Day on June5as part of its continued efforts to support environment conservation and promote awareness among different segments of society in Abu Dhabi.

Themed ‘Feeling for others’, the initiative was held in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Community Police, Takatof Social Volunteering Programme, Yas Mall, Dulsco and Zone.

Delivering the key message of waste reduction and re-use, Yas Mall hosted Tadweer’s awareness pavilion where volunteers outlined the methods of waste segregation at source as well as the benefits of recycled products for visitors to the malls. Tadweer also leveraged the pavilions to organize workshops for children and quiz competitions for the general public, with valuable prizes awarded to winners.
Additionally, Tadweer’s staff and environment guides explained the functions of the black and green waste bins distributed throughout the emirate of Abu Dhabi, highlighted the importance of hygiene and environmental safety, and educated participants about the sustainable use of natural resources.

Khaleed Al Bloushi, Head of Public Awareness Department at Tadweer, said: “We are pleased to mark World Environment Day with the rest of the UAE and demonstrate the high importance we attach to environmental conservation that we all share as a national responsibility. Reiterating our ongoing efforts to engage with the community, such initiatives support our endeavors to step-up awareness about the challenges faced by our environment as well as the damage caused by increased waste production.

“We hope through such community-centric events to educate the general public about the urgent need to reduce, reuse and segregate wastes towards achieving the ultimate goal of creating a safe and sustainable environment in Abu Dhabi.”

To further engage the community in the initiative, Tadweer also ran an awareness campaign and disseminated messages to school students and employees of both public and private sector organizations to educate them on limiting food waste,as well as reducing household and office wastes in general through effective segregation methods.

Tadweer is the key government entity tasked with the collection, maintenance, transportation, and the processing of waste in a safe, efficient and economically-viable manner in Abu Dhabi. Tadweer achieves its goals through the implementation of best-in-class integrated waste management systems and sustainable models.