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TAKAUD hosts International Ladies Society for a financial planning seminar

The specialist savings & investment firm continues to communicate its need-to-save message with Bahrain’s social institutions

TAKAUD, the specialist provider of savings, investment and pension solutions for the MENA region, hosted members of the International Women’s Society for a seminar showcasing TAKAUD’s message of the need-to-save for long-term financial security, and the necessity of sound financial planning.

The seminar was attended by society President Fatima Al-Kooheji and other key members. At the event, TAKAUD delivered a lecture covering: effective ways of saving, how to save for your retirement, how to save for your children’s education, how to invest for long-term savings and the benefits of expert financial planning and advice.

TAKAUD delivered a talk on individual financial needs: retirement, the education of children, future well-being and wealth management for families from a financial viewpoint. TAKAUD’s message is that people should take a proactive role in building a better financial future, starting to save and invest at an earlier age, using the best financial advice possible for the pursuit of their goals.

The International Women’s Society is one of Bahrain’s oldest societies, launched in 1974 to bring the different communities of Bahrain together for the benefit of Bahrain society. The Society undertakes charitable work to help people in need, encourage a culture of charity, bring local and international cultures together, and promote Bahrain’s culture and heritage.

Ms. Al-Kooheji said, “The presentation was highly insightful for us all as women from all sectors of Bahrain’s rich and diverse society. Educating individuals and families about the need for saving and financial planning is more important now than ever in today’s rapidly-changing world.”

TAKAUD’s CEO Mr. Luc Metivier said, “TAKAUD is working hard to nurture the need-to-save culture that should become a vital component of Bahrain’s diverse communities. The International Women’s Society is one of Bahrain’s prominent social institutions, and we are grateful for their participation today, and for their attention to our message of the urgent need to inculcate the culture of savings and financial planning.”