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TAKAUD signs business development consultancy agreement with Sicura Fortuna

The Italian risk management firm will collaborate with TAKAUD regarding savings and pension solutions in the UAE

TAKAUD, the specialist provider of savings, pension and investment solutions in the MENA region, has appointed Sicura Fortuna, a Dubai-based risk management consultancy firm, as a consultant for TAKAUD’s savings and pension solutions in the UAE.

The consultancy agreement was signed yesterday by TAKAUD’s CEO Mr. Luc Metivier and Sicura Fortuna’s Managing Director Mr. Anthony Cerchai at a special signing ceremony held at the Ritz Carlton DIFC in Dubai.

Headquartered in Bahrain, TAKAUD provides savings and pensions solutions to individuals and corporations in the local and expatriate communities across the MENA region. With a cutting-edge open architecture investment platform, TAKAUD also offers wealth management services to the mass affluent and high net worth individuals helping them with financial planning and investment solutions that protect and grow their wealth and achieve their future aspirations.

Sicura Fortuna is a company boasting 30 years of experience in the world of insurance, providing access to risk management solutions to a wide range of high-profile clients and organizations in the MENA region. Empowered by a global network of insurance providers and professionals able to provide solutions for any risk requirement, Sicura Fortuna excels in providing the most suitable cover for the needs of its members and associates.

TAKAUD CEO Mr. Metivier said, “TAKAUD has recently become the go-to specialist firm for a variety of savings and pension related solutions to a wide range of market segments in the region. We’re expanding our partnerships and business development initiatives as we continue to grow the business”.

Mr. Cerchai added, “We believe that the pension marketplace is ripe for innovation and differentiation, where technology-driven platforms serve people’s needs for long-term financial security. We have been very impressed by the innovative online platform created by TAKAUD. Our associates, individuals, families, SMEs, large corporations and government entities are sure to be equally impressed by this platform that confers a new flexibility, portability and transparency upon the management of savings and investments.”