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Tasneef Academy launches ‘Abu Dhabi Maritime Youth Summit’

Maritime Youth Summit will establish a new generation of UAE university students and Emirati businesses to invest in maritime sector and will be held on the sidelines of ‘Abu Dhabi International Summit for maritime leaders’

Tasneef Academy, the training and educational arm of Emirates Classification Society, announced the launch of the ‘Abu Dhabi Maritime Youth Summit’ for empowering UAE youth leaders in the maritime domain; to be held on the 21st January 2016. This Youth Summit will be held on the sidelines of the main ‘Abu Dhabi International Summit for Maritime Leaders’ which takes place on the 20th of January 2016.

In this context, Tasneef’s CEO, Eng. Rashed Al Hebsi said: “We decided to launch this special Maritime Youth Summit to enable the UAE youth leaders to be part of the maritime sector during the preparations of the “Abu Dhabi International Summit for Maritime Leaders”. The main summit will host pioneering business and maritime leaders who will gather to discuss the future of this sector and its strategic orientations; giving the youth an opportunity to see the future offered to them by the UAE in general and Abu Dhabi in particular. This is a golden opportunity for us to use this international event to spread its benefits for society instead of limiting it only to the business sector.”

Al Hebsi added: “We have a strong infrastructure in the UAE that enables us to be a major international maritime centre for marine services. Now we need to develop the capabilities of the younger generation who are the real guarantee for the stability, sustainability and prosperity of the UAE which should work alongside its partners in the Arab World towards the establishment of a mature maritime sector. This vision left to us by our fathers who established the UAE is what we have to leave to the coming generation.”

Captain Waleed Al Nahdi, Director of Tasneef Academy said: “Through this Maritime Youth Summit, we will enable the UAE youth cadres to meet with pioneering business and maritime leaders in the UAE. These leaders have established themselves at the global level and their interaction with the youth will create public knowledge for the society, exactly as it was during the pre-oil era when the sea was the main source for our economy and the artery that links us with the world.”

The Maritime Youth Summit will host selected students from UAE universities, Higher Colleges of Technology and young entrepreneurs. It will encourage them to start up their own maritime enterprises, by highlighting the funding opportunities from government and banks for SMEs.

Focusing on the agenda of the Summit, Al Nahdi said: “The agenda will include three main pillars: The first positions the role of the UAE in the international maritime arena and the opportunities to become a pioneering international centre. The second investigates career opportunities in this field and the increasing demand being seen globally and locally for qualified cadres especially from the UAE. The third pillar focuses on maritime as a trade and commercial opportunity for young entrepreneurs willing to establish their own startups in technical, logistics and support services in the maritime sector.”

The Maritime Youth Summit will have lively interactions among participants and speakers and will include workshops with maritime leaders who will use simulated training sessions to reduce any psychological barrier between the youth and the fear of the unknown when it comes to the maritime sector.

Al Nahdi concluded: “We are hopeful that Tasneef Academy can host the Maritime Youth Summit every year, so that we can use it to strengthen the educational and training opportunities in the maritime sector. It is intended to be a gathering of all academic institutions and local companies in the maritime sector, so this this regional event become a platform to provide the human resources market with qualified and experienced maritime cadres for the entire region.”