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Tasneef Academy launches specialized comprehensive training bunches in MARACAD 2015

Tasneef Academy considers MARACAD 2015 an opportunity to entrench the status of the UAE as a regional anchor for knowledge and education in the most prominent strategic and economic sector

Tasneef Academy, the academic arm of Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef”, has announced the launch of a number of specialized maritime training courses in various vocational areas, targeting maritime sector, quality and audit departments and maritime safety and security as part of an integrated plan to strengthen the technical expertise in the navigation industry in the UAE and in the Arab region.

In this context, Captain Waleed Al Nahdi, the director of Tasneef Academy said: “We have launched several advanced and specialized training courses in the field of navigation, quality and audit in addition to health and safety, because we understand that our priority is to focus on the human element and the transfer of knowledge to the national cadres in the UAE and in the Arab region. This region needs a large number of experts and professionals in strategic areas including navigation and marine services, and quality management, energy and industry sectors, technical and scientific consulting services, and infrastructure and transportation in order to exploit the large number of the economic potentials that the Arab region has by looking at its strategic geographical location and its natural resources.”

Al Nahdi added: “As the world is witnessing changes which lead to stronger competition over economic resources, we are in front of a real crisis in terms of specialized human resources and technical experienced cadres as the maritime sector will need large number of these cadres within the next coming 5 years. Other sectors are facing the same challenge, and that’s why we decided to launch these training programs in order to achieve our strategy in building the nucleus of an Arab economy system that would include the most important major strategic sectors”.

Tasneef Academy is a golden sponsor for MARACAD 2015, which has been held under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, minister of Public Works and Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority, from 9th November to 11th November 2015 in Dubai World Trade Centre, as an expression on the extent of its interest of training and the education sector in the region is classified fourth globally in terms of demand for navigational expertise.

Academic Partnerships
In partnership with major academic maritime and educational entities, such as Italian SOGEA, Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) and Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies, Tasneef Academy aims at providing the maritime sector with integrated training and educational services for those who want to obtain accredited academic certificates.

Speaking on the mechanism of Tasneef Academy, Al Nahdi said: “in Tasneef Academy we study the career market and the demand on the human resources within the national organizations, and we then design the courses that can meet the needs of those organizations within short period of time. The courses we offer at Tasneef Academy enable trainees to be qualified to carry out new tasks.

Al Nahdi added: “The training courses we offer take into account the importance of the economic feasibility of these courses. For individuals, these courses should present a unique opportunity for fast development in terms of career. The experiences and the knowledge we provide trainees with will enable them to achieve leaps in their careers. We work for organizations to build a team of experts in rare specialties that can meet their needs.

It is worth mentioning that Tasneef Academy also offers the service of designing special courses based on the training needs of organizations. The academy can provide trainees with field training to enhance the theoretical knowledge and develop it through practical training. The academy is currently providing training courses in maritime fields, administrative systems, health and safety. Detailed information on the training courses offered by the Academy is available on its website: