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TASWEEK research indicates new investment direction

More funding needed to enhance infrastructure, energy & housing

TASWEEK Real Estate Development and Marketing, an advisor and solutions provider serving the property markets, urges a sharper focus on investments to address a number of major global problems. Based on its recent studies on real estate stability, TASWEEK specifically points to Infrastructure, Energy and Housing as the areas especially in need of more funding.

Explaining further, TASWEEK notes that increased investments into the healthcare and education sectors as part of infrastructure required for major real estate projects can resolve many societal issues and accelerate both social and economic development. The company adds that more funding is necessary to develop Smart, Efficient and Affordable (SEA) solutions for power, energy and housing applications. Finally, the company calls for more investments into establishing various housing segments that can accommodate a wider income range.

Masood Al Awar, CEO, TASWEEK Real Estate Marketing and Development, said: “Investments are driving forces for developing not only industries but societies as well. In our recent studies on real estate stability, we have determined infrastructure, energy and housing as the neediest beneficiaries in efforts to address major local and global gaps. At TASWEEK we try to provide a flexible portfolio of investment facilities and lend our expertise, connections and resources however and whenever we can to help address the situation. We also encourage that investments be made in such a manner that they also foster socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices.”

TASWEEK conducts regular market intelligence research to identify and analyze key real estate trends, indicators, influencers and market movements. Drawing on over 20 years of extensive experience in valuations, design, and real estate marketing across the UAE, GCC and MENA regions, the company constantly develops new and innovative solutions to support most aspects of the real estate industry’s operations and functions.