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TECOM Group: Making Dubai the smartest city in the world

TECOM Group, a member of Dubai Holding, continued to show strong performance and sustainable growth in 2017, playing an integral role in Dubai’s diversification plan and consolidating its position as a global business hub.

According to Malek Al Malek, CEO of TECOM Group, Tecom focuses on addressing the market’s growing needs, and increasing the contribution of non-oil economic sectors to the GDP.

He explains that the group is focused on Dubai plan 2021 and on making Dubai the smartest city in the world.

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TECOM’s 11 business parks

TECOM’s 11 business parks attracted over 480 new business partners in 2017, bringing the total number of companies to 5,600.

Employing more than 90,000 people from 162 nationalities, TECOM Group’s business communities also maintained a high occupancy rate of more than 86%.

The Group hosted over 900 technology, education, design, media, science and industry events over the past year, boosting the growth of vital economic sectors that drive Dubai’s economic diversification.

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Technology is the first economic sector developed by the Group.

Dubai Internet City (DIC): one of the largest information and communications technology (ICT) business parks in the Middle East and North Africa, and the home to world-renowned corporations such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Snapchat.

DIC is now home to 11 innovation centers including Cisco and SAP.

Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), represent the education, training and HR sector.

DIAC is home to 27 universities, including 22 international campuses of renowned educational institutions from across the globe, catering to 25,000 students from 150 nationalities.

Dubai Design District (d3), representing the design sector,  has become one of the premier art, fashion and architecture hubs in the region.

D3 is an entertainment and art destination with a portfolio of popular events to its credit, including Dubai Design Week, Fashion Forward and Sole DXB

Key global fashion houses that have joined d3 include Chanel, Dior, BOSS, and Burberry.

The Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) opened registration for its programmes that were developed jointly with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Parsons Design School.

Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City represent the dynamic media arena with a focus on creative industries such as advertising, filmmaking, and production.

Companies based here, including CNN, BBC, Discovery Networks, YouTube Space, and Disney make up the largest share of TECOM Group’s business partners – 2,000 in total.

In the industrial sector, Dubai Industrial Park (DI) is the leading industry and logistics hub in the MENA region.

TECOM Group has also enabled the science sector through creating Dubai Science Park (DSP) that is poised to become a leading business destination attracting international companies operating in diverse scientific disciplines. Today, DSP has 350 business partners, including global pharma giants Bayer and Pfizer.

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TECOM Group also focuses on supporting emerging talents.

The group created in5, an innovation hub that assists promising startups through business setup, smart labs, creative spaces, mentorship, training, events, and access to investors.


The Group is set to complete several key development projects in 2018.

Huawei International Technology will inaugurate its regional headquarters in Dubai Internet City.

The Innovation Hub Phase 1 in Dubai Internet City, that aims to accelerate the transformation of Dubai into a smart city.

Dubai Science Park, which is poised to become a leading business destination attracting international companies operating in diverse scientific disciplines.

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The leadership of its business communities comprises passionate and committed executives, who have risen through the ranks to form a team driven by 100% UAE nationals that enable Dubai’s and the wider UAE’s economic diversification, making the Group an important source of home-grown talent.


In 2017, TECOM established partnerships with local institutions working in charitable and humanitarian fields, primarily those focused on education and health, such as offering scholarships worth AED35 million to more than 2,800 students in the UAE.