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The 14th cycle of the Clean Up Drive comes to Sharjah

The second wing of the campaign took off with around 3500 participants.

After a successful start in Dubai on the 5th of December the 14th cycle of the annual national environmental campaign “Clean Up UAE” made its way to emirate of culture, architecture, creativity and knowledge- Sharjah on 7th December.

The second wing of the campaign took off with around 3500 participants in full gear equipped with Clean-Up UAE T-shirts, cotton gloves, caps and biodegradable plastic bags, dedicated to collect the maximum amount of trash. Over 22 tonnes of trash was successfully collected at over 36 locations. Today’s event began with opening speech by Mrs. Habiba Al Mar’ashi, Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group, announcing the particulars of the week long campaign that is set to sail and dock at each and every emirate in the UAE.

In her opening statement Mrs. Habiba Al Mar’ashi, said “With the celebrations of National Day still fresh in air, there could not be a better time to undertake such an act of unity between all seven Emirates and major cities.

She also stated “Today the United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of economic and social progress not only in our Region but globally. The whole world is now viewing us as an epitome of growth and development. This forward march is matched by the commitment to environmental security and sustainability, evidenced by the numerous projects and initiatives being launched by the government, private sector, and research and scientific institutions. The community has, on its part, extended its support to this movement, and plays a critical role in making environment protection everyone’s shared responsibility”.

She also shared her gratitude towards the visionary leadership of our country who have facilitated a unique, safe, secure and healthy environment for all, that provides a heaven of opportunity to everyone.

The continuity of the Clean Up UAE campaign for the last 14 years is solely due to the diligence and whole-hearted participation of every individual. While the core message behind the event has not changed over the years it is essential to reiterate the necessity of preserving the environment by maintaining cleanliness, recycling and making this an integral part of the activities one carries out on a daily basis. It is through such simple operations that one can draw raw materials and other such environmentally valuable material away from landfills, in addition to conserving natural resources from the risk of exhaustion.

It is worth mentioning that the first flight of the Clean Up UAE campaign took off on the 12th of December 2002, then with only four emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Amongst the initial participants a sense of obligation and interest towards the environment grew and expanded, etching a place for the campaign. Through the support of the public and private sectors, the campaign ultimately managed to include all 7 emirates in 2005 and since then has witnessed the addition of various major cities.

Emirates Environmental Group is thankful for all of the support provided by Environment & Protected Areas Authority (EPAA), Sharjah Municipality, Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services and Bee’ah. The logistical support was provided by Coca-Cola Company (Arwa) for water, Abela & Co. for snacks, Fujairah plastic Factories for providing biodegradable plastic bags. Media support for the campaign was provided by WAM, Gulf News, 7 Days and YogaLife.

The campaign will continue over a period of 10 days covering all the Emirates and several big cities and will conclude on 16th of December in Dibba Al Hisn.