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The British Council of Bahrain Hosts Training for Educators

The British Council, world leaders in advancing education, hosted a 3 day leadership training and development workshop as part of the Connecting Classrooms project, for key educators from private and public schools in Bahrain and Egypt. Consultant Nick Falk from Imagine Education in the UK, explored new ways of maximizing the impact of new technologies on teaching techniques and learning in schools, and also discussed leadership in schools and strategic planning.

The workshop helped shed light on ways of empowering educators and equipping school principals, vice principals and department heads with new resources for teaching and learning. It also emphasized the importance of incorporating an international dimension into the learning process.

British Council project coordinator, Suad Al-Arayed commented “In line with the British Council’s focus on school leadership and knowledge sharing to better the student experience in schools, we are delighted to have the expert consultants share their experiences and deliver the training here in Bahrain for both the local and Egyptian delegates.”

Nick Falk, Imagine Education consultant said “It was very interesting to see a diverse mix of high caliber educators from Bahrain and Egypt share their experiences and issues faced in both private and public schools. The groups were very receptive of the contemporary teaching styles and learning techniques and added their own valuable local viewpoints to the workshop.”