Complex Made Simple

The French SME EMR participates at Middle East Ascenseurs tradeshow in Dubai

The French SME EMR Stands Out Internationally by Showing Extraordinary Innovative Accessories for Elevators.

The French SME enterprise, EMR Ascenseurs, is the first of its kind in the world to offer an artistic line of accessories for elevators, each of which represents a piece of art.

The company based in Nice -Capital of the French Riviera-, will showcase its impressive products from May 18th to 20th 2015 at the Middle East Ascenseurs tradeshow (DWTC).

EMR Ascenseurs offers artistic, innovative elevator cab wall coverings and accessories, crafted with materials worked into figurative or abstract shapes that customize any cab while fully complying with all applicable design and safety standards. Cab walls and accessories, in a wide variety of materials, can be used as vectors for artistic creations of all kinds: drawings, painting, sculpture, cutouts, metalwork, leather, glass, and more, producing a world vastly beyond that of an elevator: a world of space, beauty, and art, specifically tailored to a customer’s personality, themes, or values. This project is for private individuals who appreciate art, cultural realms, companies wishing to promote their values and products through art in an elevator cab..

At the Middle East Ascenseurs Tradeshow, the French company EMR will expose a part of their accessories, such as handrails for elevators : leatherwork or metalwork products, a control pannel – a mirror with metal inlay in the shape of a purebred horse and Burj Al Arab tower, two other control panels – in the shape of a high heel pump and of a saxophonist. In addition, they will show samples of leatherworks, glassworks as well as metalworks.

In 2014, EMR introduced Ideel (playing on the French words for idea and ideal), a new concept aimed to revolutionize the world of elevators. This concept can be applied to any type of elevator cab, any type of control panel, any accessories.

Mrs. Sylvie WOHLGEMUTH, CEO of EMR Ascenseurs said: “We decided to propose our concept in The Middle East because Middle East is the place for innovation and modernity , our concept is completely new, nobody in the world has ever imagined this concept: « If tomorrow the lift became a piece of art, if tomorrow the piece of art became a lift ? ». “

She added: “Three weeks ago, we were in Dubai to see eventual clients , and we met MASSAED COMPANY ( lifts and escalators), they were delighted and enthusisastic about our concept and they agreed to work with us, so we were invited on their stand in the lift exhibition in Dubai, to show the french touch in the life of lifts.”

EMR Ascenseurs will exhibit on the Middle East Ascenseurs Tradeshow at the Dubai World Trade centre. The company will be located at Rashid Hall stand: A221- Massaed Company.