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The Medical City wins Global Benchmarking Award in UAE

Companies from UAE, Philippines, Singapore, and India compete in an international award that promotes industry best practices

The Medical City (TMC), the largest healthcare network in the Philippines with international presence in the US territory of Guam and the Middle East and on-going projects in Southeast Asia, has won the fourth Global Benchmarking Award.


The Global Benchmarking Award is an international recognition bestowed upon those who have successfully promoted industry best practices that lead to superior performance. Other organisations including UAE’s Al Jazeera Catering International, Singapore’s Global Indian International School, and India’s Yes Bank competed in the award, which forms an integral part of the ninth edition of the International Benchmarking Conference, held in Dubai.


The Award was designed by Benchmarking Partnerships (Australia), BestPrax Club (India), and COER (New Zealand) on behalf of the Global Benchmarking Network. Previous winners include New Zealand’s Watson Real Estate Limited in 2012; UAE’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority in 2013; and Singapore’s OCBC Bank in 2014.


The eight-minute award-winning presentation was given by Teresa Bagaman, Head of Network Quality Management at TMC, titled “The Medical City Story: Touching & Saving a Million Lives through Best Practices Benchmarking” and adjudged by a jury.


“It is our great pleasure to receive this prestigious award,” Bagaman said. “In line with our goal to ensure that each person who comes to TMC is assured of receiving healthcare services that are at par with the best hospitals in the world, we consistently and continuously submit the hospital to the rigorous review and accreditation process of bodies that set global benchmarks such as the Joint Commission International (JCI).”


Joint Commission International (JCI) – the world’s most prestigious accrediting body for healthcare organisations – has accredited TMC for the fourth time. TMC secured this accreditation, even receiving perfect scores in the critical standards on Patient and Family Rights, Access to Care and Continuity of Care, Care of Patients, and Governance, Leadership and Direction, and Staff Qualifications and Education.


TMC is also the first hospital in the Philippines to receive a certification from JCI for its heart attack (Acute Myocardial Infarction) programme.


Dr Robert Camp, Honorary Life-time President, Global Benchmarking Network, said: “Benchmarking is the search for industry best practices that lead to superior performance. This definition concentrates on achieving superior performance. In this regard it pursues the best of the best practices, best of class, or best of breed.”


“That is, those best practices that are to be pursued regardless of where they exist – in one’s own company, industry, or outside one’s industry. It is only this view that will ensure superiority rather than parity,” he added.


Bagaman added: “TMC understands the importance of benchmarking in finding more efficiency and better solutions. We have continuously strived to remain true to our commitment to implement organisational excellence across our networks, and we are pleased to say that we have now adopted the best processes from various global corporations.”


The Medical City has recently opened its first polyclinic in Dubai in partnership with Kuwait’s SAMA Medical Services, with plans to expand its network across GCC.


“It is an honour to win the Global Benchmarking Award in Dubai as it reconfirms our vision of offering world-class services to our patients and clients, both locally and internationally. It also reaffirms that our practices and policies match those of international levels. This accolade indeed reflects our unique healthcare service philosophy focusing on our patients as partners and our commitment to provide safe and effective patient care,” said Dr Rebecca Desiderio, Chief Executive Officer, The Medical City, Dubai.


“We will continue to improve further so we stand, as a benchmark for companies, not merely in the healthcare sector, but also in various other sectors,” she added.