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Thuraya’s Young Innovative Internship Program attracts outstanding young talents from Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the UAE-based Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) operator, launched the Young Innovative Internship Program (YIIP) which is designed to work with national universities to source, recruit and train UAE National interns for the different divisions within the company.

As part of this program, Thuraya welcomed six new engineering interns from Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research this summer. They embarked on a six-week internship with the Technology and Strategy and Business Development divisions. The students are: Abeer Al Yammahi, electrical and electronic engineer, Nasser Al Nimir, communication engineer, Mohamed Fikri, communication engineer, Ali Al Mahdi, communication engineer, Ahmad Ayoon, aerospace engineer, and Rashid Al Memari, electrical and electronic engineer.

“We are very excited to be working with students from Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research through our YIIP program. We aim to nurture young minds so that we can innovate and elevate the satellite industry,” said Ahmad Al Shareef, Vice President of Human Resources and Support Operations.

He added: “Thuraya has long prided itself in attracting and developing national talent in the satellite communications sector. Over the years, the company has recruited, trained and established the global careers of a significant number of homegrown talents who were responsible in establishing Thuraya within the global satellite industry.”

Abeer Al Yammahi, one of the interns selected for the YIIP, said: “Thuraya’s purpose of “We Save and Improve Lives” inspired me to be part of an effective organization that not only provides telecommunication services to the public, but also helps saves lives of users who are in remote locations, especially when unexpected accidents happens.”

Headquartered in Dubai, Thuraya operates its state-of-the-art technical facilities in Sharjah where by it flies and monitors its satellites that provide vital communications across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The company’s customers include leading global companies from across a variety of sectors such as Energy, Media, Government, Maritime and humanitarian NGO organizations. Thuraya’s innovative mobile satellite products include the SatSleeve, a satellite adaptor for the iPhone that has won accolades and recognition around the world for providing mission-critical communications in remote locations or areas underserved by communication networks. Over the last two years, Thuraya has successfully expanded its geographical scope in markets including Asia, Africa and the United States.