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5 tips to make your job hunt easier

* Global businesses facing most acute talent shortage since 2007 recession

* UAE alone saw 30 per cent increase in online job postings: EZHeights

* Companies will start talent hunt early in the new year

Businesses across the globe, particularly in the GCC region, are facing the most acute talent shortage since the recession in 2007, according to the reports from industry watchers.

In order to fill vacant roles, companies will start their hunt for new talents in the early days of the new year. In the UAE alone, there was a 30 per cent increase in online job postings across different industries, classifieds website EZHeights has revealed.

Nonetheless, job opportunities are far less compared to demand and this has intensified competition in the employment market. Therefore, job seekers need to find ways to stand out. The first and foremost tool in a job hunter’s basket is foul-proof CV.

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Here are five mistakes to avoid making on your CV

  1. Typos and grammatical errors: Proofread your CV and run a mandatory spell check before sending it out to prospective employers
  2. Mass mailing your resume: Address your CV and cover letter to department heads and potential hiring managers, instead of sending a mass e-mail
  3. Being too wordy: Keep your CV short and simple; avoid keeping it longer than two pages
  4. Being vague: Put real, quantitative tasks and accomplishments on your resume
  5. Not being yourself: Try not to hide your personality under business jargon and clichés

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